The Real Price of Chocolate

Cocoa bean is one of the top 3 largest global trades in the World League of food commodities. Although some products are guaranteed produced without out slave labour, recent investigators are finding, with little documentation, that there is a  possibility that adults and children are being forced into the work industry under harsh working conditions such as long hours and starvation. Since it is against their will, if the workers are caught trying to leave the plantation they are working at, they may be beaten or worse. The International Cocoa council is currently encouraging other members of the organization to investigate if there are any child labor crimes occurring in their areas.
Most of the cocoa produced today is grown in smaller populations with an exception of a few larger plantations in countries such as Indonesia and Brazil. It is a risky business for small plantations due to pesticides and disease. If there was a pest or disease break out, it could ruin their whole plantation which would then affect their overall income. Unlike larger plantations in other countries, small plantations usually are the main source of income for that surrounding area.
Some positive statements that are present within this article is that there are people who are investigating to see if there are children and adults being forced to work under harsh working conditions and there are also products that are guaranteed to be produced without slave labor. If the investigators, who are investigating to see if slave labor is occurring, find that it is, it could be stopped and laws could be inforced to stop it. If products are guaranteed to be produced without slave labor, that means that there is a low chance that there is any slave labor occurring where the products are being made. Products made without slave labor could be an indication that slave labor laws are in place in that location.
Some of the information that is present within this article indicates that it takes more than just workers to produce chocolate. We are unaware of the events that are taken behind the scene to produce it such as the possibility of child slavery. Even though we a pay a small price for a simple treat, the workers pay a higher price of being forced to work under harsh abusive conditions.
After reading about the “Real Price of Chocolate” it makes me consider rather I should purchase items that consist of cocoa or rather check and see if it is guaranteed that the produce was produced without slave labour. Although it is not proven that children are being forced into the work industry under hard conditions, it makes me concerned because I would not want to purchase an item that contributes to slave labour. I never knew that there was a possibility of things like this occurring with our every day cheap products. It now makes me think twice about our every day products, the way they are produced and what its real value is worth.


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