Revision of “This is Me”

This adult fiction story called “This is Me” is a reinterpretation of my personal argument and Judith Butler’s argument in her article called “Gender is Burning”. Butler argues that gender is a something you can choose as part of your identity. Within my story “This is Me”, Butler’s argument is shown through the mother’s response of her son informing her that he is gay. Within the mother’s response, she ask why he chooses to be that way and how long ago did he make that decision. Her response shows the audience that she feels that her son is making the choice to be gay.

My opinion based off of Butler’s argument is that people do not just simply choose to be gay or chose to act as a different gender than the one they were born. Yes, they make the choice rather to act on it or not but I believe that people who are gay and prefer to be a different gender are born that way instead of just making the choice to be. Within my story “This is Me”, my argument, based off the argument of Butler, is shown through the response of the son when he informs his mother that he is gay. Although she is confused and doesn’t understand, he explains that he can not remember when he choose to be that way and that he does not feel it is a choice. He informs her that he has always been interested in men.

I also include in the story that the son was bullied in school for getting caught watching video clips from the television show RuPaul. This is a real-world television show based on drag queens, homosexuals and trans genders. When he was in class, the students were granted “free time” so he decided to pull out his cell phone and watch a few clips of RuPaul. When other male students heard the feminine accent from one of the homosexual males on the show, they decided to run up behind him and start harassing him with negative comments. In reality, if a young man was caught watching a television show about other men who seek men, he would be harassed and called names similar to what the son experienced with the other male classmates.

Within “This is Me” I have taken the argument of Judith Butler and my personal argument and included it to give a main thesis of the story that people have different beliefs based on the preference of gender. I also included a reality television show called RuPaul, which I included as part of my blog, to show that this is a real-world experience that could take place. It shows the reality of the world and how society could to react to something “out of the norm”.


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